About Pharmacy College

Associate Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Abdulkareem Qasim

Dean of College of Pharmacy

Al-Ayen University

Speech of the Dean.

On behalf of my colleagues, the teaching and administration staff, I am pleased to welcome you to our college at Al-Ayen University. I am confident that this creative and promising college provides a prosperous future for our students.  

The college has a distinguished group of lecturers, laboratory inspectors, and sophisticated laboratories. All our employees are committed to their roles to achieve the college's mission, prepare highly qualified pharmacists, and occupy several positions in the health sectors in the fields of treatment and medicine. Moreover, providing consultations in terms of the perfect use of medicine to develop the health services, pharmaceutical care, and medicine industry.    

We promise the students to get our full care and attention through excellent education and training and by highly utilizing the developed methods of training. This is because the college's syllabus enriches the students with a solid base of the basic medical, pharmaceutical, and clinical sciences besides the professional training.      

There are many fields of work in pharmacy after graduation that are continuously renewed due to the development of pharmacists in the therapeutic and clinical fields. Therefore, they can work in the market, hospitals, and clinical pharmacies, in marketing and advertising, in addition to working in the medicines industry and, of course, teaching and scientific research in various pharmaceutical fields.   

We wish all the best to our students for choosing this distinguished college.  

Mission, Vision, and Objectives


The College of Pharmacy at Al-Ayen University is an Educational, Research, and Service Institution that adopts inventions and qualifies Ethical Professional Pharmacists through conducting competent educational programs. In order to compete in the market, scientific research and serving the community.


To reach the best educational program locally, regionally, and globally, in an attempt to proceed with the development in spreading knowledge and to ensure providing excellent service to the community, and especially to the institutions related to the health and medication system.


  • Developing the educational programs and syllabuses for the BSC stage to promote the competition and the ability to invent in the market.
  • Enforce the infrastructure, develop scientific research, and support the invention and technology.
  • Qualify the abilities of the teaching staff at the college and support the research.
  •  Enhancing the community services, developing the environment, and supporting the civil society and the health sector.
  • Developing and promoting the services for the graduated students and supporting them professionally.

Contact information

E-mail: Info.pharm@alayen.edu.iq

Mobile: +9647800060302

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Final Exam Schedule for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2023-2024
Dear students, attached is the schedule of final exams for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024
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